Welcome to Vets for Pets Transport.  My husband and I are two veterans that understand the value of a dog to a family.  Our mission is to provide quality dogs to good homes that have been born to a quality breeder and have been pre-vetted, pre-hugged, pre-vaccinated and pre-loved prior to coming to your home.

We do NOT work with puppy mills, we only work with the finest quality breeders in the country.  We make sure the puppies have been bread, fed, vaccinated and we work closely with our Veterinarian to develop and maintain high quality standards and ensure the health and well-being of our parent dogs and puppies.

Along with being a puppy matchmaker, we will also bring your puppy to you!  We will pick up your puppy and deliver them directly to your doorstep so that you have the confidence that your puppy is safe and in good hands. 

Puppies all come with shots, dewormer, registry papers and certificate of health and health guarantee.  We offer free delivery within 425 miles!

Please feel free to contact us and ask us any questions.  We would love to here from you!